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Sociology: A Christian Approach for Changing the World

Sociology, A Christian Approach for Changing the World 2nd Edition
Cynthia Tweedell, Editor and Contributor

ISBN: 978-1-931283-33-5
Softcover, 481 pages

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If you need help in your everyday interaction with people, if you are puzzled by the power structure at your office, if you want to understand why things are the way they are, you need a sociological perspective. From its origins in the scientific revolution of the 1700s, sociology has sought to better understand the many social forces affecting interpersonal behavior and how these behaviors positively or negatively impact the social system.

In Sociology: A Christian Approach for Changing the World, respected Christian sociologists from across North America share their insights into the sociological perspective, establishing a framework from which to critically analyze the current state of the world. The principles these experts elucidate help us both to see ourselves within a social context, and also how we can remove our blinders, broaden our vision, and see our world as never before. Understanding the way society works shows us how to be proactive instead of reactive, agents of change rather than victims of social forces. Doing all of this by integrating Christian perspectives with sociological principles further underscores the areas of our social world in need of radical transformation.


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