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God With Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament

God With Us, 2nd Edition
by Stephen J. Lennox

ISBN: 978-1-931283-37-3
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"Thousands of years after it was written, its stories continue to confront and comfort at our deepest levels. The teachings of the Old Testament represent some of the most profound human insights in all of literature."

The combination of profound thought and eloquent writing is a rare gift, especially in the field of scriptural exegesis. Stephen J. Lennox, Ph.D., has that gift, delivering a powerful message in God With Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament. Troubled that the Old Testament is "little known, little read, and little appreciated," he wanted to help those unskilled in reading the Bible or overwhelmed by its length to see its artistry, wisdom, and relevance.

God With Us introduces the student to the Old Testament, examining the culture, history, and imagery of ancient times; analyzing the structure, function, and message of the Old Testament books—with a focus on discovering God’s plan and His character. This bird’s eye view of the Bible clearly demonstrates how God introduced a radically new and different ethical standard, one that took His people from where they were to where He wanted them to be.


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