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About Triangle Publishing

Triangle Publishing has as its primary purpose publishing textbooks for the higher education community which are written from a Christian perspective and reflect Christian values and lifestyles. In addition to excellence in scholarship and authorship, Triangle Publishing endeavors to provide quality textbook resources which are academically excellent and regarded by students as invaluable resources for learning. Textbooks are provided which relate to general academic studies as well as specific disciplines.

Triangle Publishing is located in Marion, Indiana, and is affiliated with Indiana Wesleyan University, an evangelical Christian liberal arts college founded in the Wesleyan tradition. The university is affiliated with The Wesleyan Church, with international headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership.

Triangle Publishing   1900 West 50th St. Marion, IN 46953   765.677.2544   For Orders: 800.874.0323