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The Wonder of Worship: Why We Worship the Way We Do
by Keith Drury

ISBN: 978-0-89827-243-2
Softcover, 312 pages

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Keith Drury was bothered that so many of his students viewed worship as simply “a contemporary experience largely cut off from its roots.” He set out to link present worship practices with their historical roots in a way that would deepen faith and inspire wonder. In The Wonder of Worship: Why We Worship the Way We Do, he successfully creates that historical bridge

Launching from a topical platform, Drury addresses the primary elements of worship, outlines their development through successive historical periods, then closes each chapter with a series of incisive “to think about” questions. Those familiar with Keith Drury’s work will recognize his “hallmark” in these questions—an uncanny ability to target the underlying issues, engage the student’s interest, and stimulate healthy discussion.

The Wonder of Worship will remain a vital resource in the years to come, sparking its owner to further explore the complex and intriguing subject of worship. Whether student or teacher, let The Wonder of Worship help you see worship as you’ve never seen it before, enriching your perspective and leading you to a deeper understanding of why we worship the way we do.

Endorsements for Wonder of Worship

"Keith Drury has provided a guide to the basics of Christian worship with careful attention to both the historical developments and contemporary movements. Written with focus on evangelical sensibilities, it admirably fills a need in that rapidly growing element of American Christianity."

James F. White, Bard Thompson Professor of Liturgical Studies
Drew University

"What a wonderful treasure of past insights for present worship! Here, in an easy and useable form, Keith Drury connects the path of the past with the future. This book will help all of us who want to bring more depth and substance to our worship."

Robert Webber, Myers Professor of Ministry
Director of M.A. in Worship and Spirituality
Northern Baptist Seminary

"This book offers profound insight into how we do worship. Keith weaves the history, philosophy and practice of worship elements in a way that is accessible and genuinely useful. This is a must-read for the pastor, worship leader, college student, or anyone else who wants to understand the true wonder of worship!"

Todd W. Guy, Chair, Division of Music
Indiana Wesleyan University

"Keith Drury has done it again! Just when you wondered if anything new could be said about worship, Drury offers insights that make you say, I never knew that! This book is a major worship resource. My advice? Buy it. Read it. You won't regret it!"

James L. Garlow, Senior Pastor
Skyline Wesleyan Church

"Keith Drury has addressed the complicated and sometimes divisive subject of worship in his typical no-nonsense manner. This book proves that to know all is to forgive all. By explaining the historical context of worship, Drury gives the reader both an understanding of and appreciation for today's worship forms. Thank you, Keith!"

Karl D. Eastlack, Senior Pastor
Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church

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