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Str8T@lk: Clear Answers about Today's Christianity

Straight Talk: Clear Answers about Today's Christianity
2nd Edition

by Jerry Pattengale

ISBN: 978-1-931283-27-4
Soft cover, 272 pages

Price per book: $20.00

People today are barraged with contradictory messages about Christianity. Who has the right message? In Straight Talk: Clear Answers about Today's Christianity, historian and professor Jerry Pattengale explains how to reach an informed opinion about these mixed signals by consulting Christianity’s primary source--the Bible.

Dr. Pattengale’s premise is to understand Christ based on His central teaching and to measure all discussions of Christianity against a scriptural barometer. In a writing style that is lively and anecdotal, Dr. Pattengale carefully structures his analysis around such topics as salvation, discipleship, morality, sanctification, and doctrinal positions.

Each chapter includes questions and activities designed to help students process information and personalize it to their life experiences. Along with J. Bradley Garner, Lisa Velthouse, illustrator Ron Mazellan, and others, Dr. Pattengale challenges students to "think, reflect, and perhaps, grapple with what they believe," energizing them to interact in a new way with the timeless truths of Christianity.

"To know Christ’s words, to read and study them, and to know about His life, death, and Resurrection is to know history. But to accept these words as truth, and to place faith in Christ as Lord and the giver of eternal life, is quite a different matter. It is salvation."       Jerry Pattengale, Ph.D.
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