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Leading Change in Your World

Leading Change in Your World
by Larry Lindsay and Mark Smith

ISBN: 978-1-931283-24-3
Hardcover, 240 pages
Action Learning Guide, 43 pages

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Combining academic expertise with comprehensive experience in leadership development and strategic planning, co-authors Smith and Lindsay have brought the best of both worlds to Leading Change in Your World. Their change model is a practical “how-to” blueprint for facilitating and managing constructive change in every sphere of influence.

As students develop a personal plan for change based on the Smith-Lindsay model, they examine change theories, leadership principles, vision and mission statements, strategic plans, problem-solving models, and real-life examples of people who have made a difference in the world.

Since its first printing in 2001, Leading Change in Your World has been incorporated into the curriculum of several colleges and universities. Its ability to engage students in out-of-box thinking is the first step in moving them out of their comfort zones and through the barriers that restrict their self-knowledge and obstruct their vision of the larger world.

"Leading Change in Your World" Endorsements

"Lindsay and Smith have written a dynamic book that is not only an invitation but a challenge for every reader to think creatively, feel passionately, visualize expansively, and plan collaboratively in transforming their own lives and influencing healthy change in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Dr. John C. Maxwell
Author, Speaker and Founder The INJOY Group

"Leading Change in Your World has been written to enable leaders, coaches, and determined champions to 'be the best they can be - for otheres.' This book enables leaders to develop the perspective, vision, technique, and execution that can bring about significant and enduring change in people and programs within their ever-widening sphere of influence."

Lou Holtz, Head Football Coach
University of South Carolina

Leading Change in Your World is a perfect title for this book. Its purpose is to allow you to LEAD change as opposed to letting change take you along with it. For anyone wanting the basic how-tos of enabling change to become a positive force in his or her life."

Zig Ziglar
Author/Motivational Teacher

"Leading Change in Your World" is an outstanding tool that will greatly enhance the success of the endeavors that you pursue. This book is rich enough in content to be a textbook and yet rich enough in illustrations and stories to hold every reader's attention. Simply put it's a great read with fantastic information that can help you to really change the world.

Dr. Dwight "Ike" Reighard
Senior Pastor, NorthStar Church, Kennesaw, Georgia
& Corporate Trainer/Author

"The architecture for the building and fine-tuning of leadership, according Smith and Lindsay, is an inside-out process. This thoughtful and clearly reasoned approach presents developing and veteran leaders alike with a values-based dimension for leading change. The authors have contextualized leadership through cases, stories, applications and meaningful models making this book especially useful for school leaders. Now, more than ever, successful leaders are practicing the characteristics of the "Servant Leader" while overcoming the outdated, negative elements of position power, charisma, control, and quid pro quo information sharing. Leading Change in Your World is a required text for my WKU graduate students!"

Christopher R. Wagner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research
Western Kentucky University

"Larry Lindsay and Mark Smith's "Leading Change in Your World" is a refreshing approach to becoming an agent of change in the world around us. Its positive, inspirational approach challenges us to leave our comfort zones and make a real difference. This book is a must read for proactive people."

Jim Brewer
CEO, MasterThinkTLTD

"Smith and Lindsay's book, "Leading Change in Your World," draws from a wide range of real-life experiences and motivational writers to provide the reader a close encounter with his/her attitudes and behaviors relative to being an agent for positive change. Readers are provided several opportunities to apply the ideas presented to their own situations. The book is a motivational piece in its own right for the person facing the question of how she/he could effect positive change."

Dr. Ted Drake, author The Principalship,
Dean Emeritus of Ball State University

"This is probably the most comprehensive and concise book on systemic change and improvement I have had the opportunity to read. It provides practitioners with a powerful road map!"

Dr. Stephen Heck
Executive Director,
Indiana Association of School Principals

"Leading Change in Your World will help every manager and leader rise above the "react mode" in which we often find ourselves as business leaders, spouses and parents. It will enable you to become a "change facilitator" and an "impact player" in your orbit of influence. This book is a practical and easy read that provides the model, guidelines, and tools for leaders to creatively harness the challenge of change. Readers will implement action plans that they create, that influence worthwhile change in their professional, personal and spiritual circles of influence."

Gene Lucas
Co-Founder and Director of Comm-Press, Inc.
Founder and Director of bTrade.com
COB, CEO of consumer Smart Buy, Inc.

"This practical and profound book provides a model for every leader or aspiring leader that has a goal of excellence for themselves or others in their sphere of influence. Leading change is your world provides motivation, instructions, and methods both current and futuristic to create productive action plans that generate constructive forward thinking creative change in a manner that improves people and their organizations."

Donald D. Spear
Certified Financial Planner
Founder Spear Financial

"'Leading Change in Your World' is a significant addition to the growing body of servant- leadership literature."

Larry C. Spears, CEO
The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership

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