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Str8T@lk: Clear Answers about Today's Christianity

newA Brief Guide for Writers       
by Keith Drury

ISBN: 978-1-931283-34-2
Now Available!

Practical help for writers who want to move "the ideas swirling about in my head" to a final manuscript that will get published. Packed with dozens of tips and hints, this book gives step-by-step instructions on preparing a manuscript so it will shine and be noticed by editors and publishers. This veteran author offers advice on where to get ideas, how to organize them, and then how to turn ideas into a worthy book or article.

Brief Guide for Writers demystifies the publishing business for beginning writers, explaining each step of the process—including making an outline, preparing the proposal, signing a contract, checking galleys, and revising future editions of your book. A sample style sheet is included so you will know what publishers want and expect. Written in an easy-to-understand conversational style, this book is a primer for someone who has a book or article idea and needs the information and the motivation to get those ideas into a manuscript that will become a published work.


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