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Economy and Economic Analysis
Economy and Economic Analysis
Robert Black

ISBN: 978-1-931283-22-9
Softcover, 418 pages

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In Economy and Economic Analysis, author Robert Black introduces the student to economic theory in a fresh and pragmatic way. Beyond an impressive analysis of economic principles and models, Dr. Black demonstrates how people actually behave in the economy, focusing on the ethical ramifications of economic decisions.

Economy and Economic Analysis includes a clear five-step approach to explaining the effects of shifts in demand or supply, emphasizing the actual market process. Dr. Black integrates key ideas from accounting, management, and finance into the analysis of production, as well as a highly intuitive circular-flow model to teach macroeconomic relationships.

In reviewing mainstream economic ideas, Dr. Black surveys competitive views from other perspectives, balancing them against ethical, historical, legal, political, and sociological ideas. Addressing the intersection of economic ideas and faith, he energizes students to examine economics in the light of their Christian commitment.

"Scarcity is the fundamental economic problem, arising because our wants are limitless while our resources are not. Economizing is doing the best we can with what we have. Economic analysis explores how best to achieve this."

Robert Black, Ph.D.

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