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A Christian Philosophical Journey
A Christian Philosophical Journey
by Kenneth Schenck

ISBN: 978-1-931283-51-9
Softcover, 374 Pages

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We are all philosophers, whether we realize it or not. Most of us have an opinion on right and wrong or on what makes for a happy life. Many of us have opinions on how the government should govern and on issues like war or capital punishment. Are things getting worse and worse in history or better and better? As Christians, we often talk of a biblical worldview or a Christian worldview on such issues, but we may not realize the impact of Christian traditions on what we think the Bible teaches. We may not be aware of the way the glasses we are inevitably wearing impact the way we read the Bible or understand Christianity.

A Christian Philosophical Journey walks through basic worldview questions from a Christian point of view, recognizing that Christians have given more than one answer to many of these questions throughout the centuries. Why does God allow evil to continue in the world? How can I know what is true? How should I live in this world? The goal is for our faith to pursue understanding and for us to become more free in what we believe, because we are aware of the different answers thinkers have given throughout the centuries.

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