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Str8T@lk: Clear Answers about Today's Christianity

Marriage and Family: A Christian Perspective 2nd Edition
by Barbara Riggs and Cynthia Tweedell

ISBN: 978-1-931283-41-0
Softcover, 457 Pages

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Marriage and Family: A Christian Perspective combines current thought and research in the field of marriage and family with a uniquely Christian perspective.  It presents an authoritative and comprehensive look at contemporary family life. By covering the major developments in marriage and family studies, students gain an understanding of what family life is about.

This second edition has been updated and expanded to reflect the current field of marriage and family studies. Major changes are reflected in Chapter 4 (Dating), Chapter 6 (Marriage: The Early Years), and Chapter 11 (Cultural Variations in Marriage and Family). In addition, student activities appear at the end of each chapter to facilitate integration and personalization of learning.


“The authors have done their homework in putting together this comprehensive, informative text that addresses important contemporary issues for couples and families. Their blend of sociological and psychological theoretical material and solid Biblically-based practical suggestions make this volume an excellent introductory resource for students and adults seeking deeper understanding of the contemporary family.”

Terri Watson
Associate Professor of Psychology



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